Passing a very dull week here with dull health.. so could not bring out any exciting recipe. Yet, came with one secret spice powder recipe. Mom’s special recipe. Rasam Powder is altered according to the taste in every kitchen. Here comes my version and you can always adjust the spices as per your taste.  This spice powder called Rasam Powder is specifically made for making ‘Rasam’. South India’s popular thin soup/liquid dish. Will soon bring you here tomato rasam recipe.. meanwhile do have this ready in your kitchen.. Happy Cooking!! Ingredients: 3/4 cup pigeon peas/kandi pappu/toor dal 1 1/2 cup dhaniyalu / coriander seeds 1/2Read More →

Kobbari karam  is my all time favorite spice powder. Coconut mixed with garlic and other spices. You just need to have some dry coconut (Copra) pieces. And rest, you can finish in few mins. This is a yummy spice powder that goes well as Idly podi or Dosa podi. Nice replacement when you don’t have the regular Idly podi or Dosa podi. Leaving all this behind.., this Kobbari podi is perfect with hot white rice and ghee.. aww! heaven! 🙂 I have two variations of this Kobbari Podi and here is the first one. Happy cooking!   Ingredients: 2 cups chopped dried coconut. 2 tbspRead More →