Found this fast, easy and tasty recipe while browsing some squash curry recipes. Wanted to try something different with this Indian squash other than the regular spice curries. I like the flavor of coconut in curries and thus, this recipe caught my attention. I am so sorry for not saving the original post’s address! ­čÖü Have tried this a while before and it came out so well. This is a no-oil curry. Isn’t it interesting??? ­čÖé ┬áIt’s good if you can avoid oil in certain curries replacing it with some coconut. You won’t consume much oil that goes in the tempering and will just haveRead More →

sorakaya / bottle gourd curry

Bottle Gourd, or say Indian Squash is a wonderful vegetable which can be turned out into several tasty dishes. It’s a very good source of dietary fiber and also a good source of Vitamin C and B6. ┬áRemember, when cooking Bottle gourd, if you are boiling the pieces separately for the curry, do it without salt so as to keep the vegetable low in sodium levels. ┬áThis way, the nutrition values of the vegetable are restored highly. ┬áBelieve or not, this vegetable is 96.1% water. So, keep it more on your diet if your much┬áconscious about it. This recipe of Sorakaya is mixed with someRead More →