carrot ginger soup

I have come up with yet another yummy yummy soup today. Really wanted to give it a try when one of my friends Sudha, suggested me this. Went through few different recipes online and I liked this one from Food network. Though, there are few variations according my taste. I must really say, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the taste. For those who might think the soup will taste sweet as it’s Carrot soup, I promise, the ginger and other spices do their trick and the sweetness is very well balanced. As you all know, Carrots are highly nutritious and you can have this soup often. SpeciallyRead More →


Ummm.. Yumm for me! I just love this nice.. smooth.. creamy soup. It fills my heart specially on a chill day. Last time I had it when I visited Ikea. It was reaaally yummy. A spark in my mind which said I should post this recipe soon here. Making soups is fun and healthy too. Health benefits of Broccoli is definitely known. It’s rich in Vitamins K,C,A and has a very positive impact on body’s detoxification system. It also does it’s best when consumed steamed. In soups, it has to be cooked soft but otherwise, try to consume it steamed. My coming posts include oneRead More →


It’s always a yes-yes for a hot-hot soup in such cool-cool winter. I am right 🙂 may be not so hot but a warm.., delicious soup in a cold evening.. imagine how satisfying it could be. Getting on some soup recipes these days. That’s the best, easy and healthier way to satisfy your tummy in winters. If the chicken stock or the vegetable stock is readily available, your work is all done in just few minutes. Today’s recipe has the vegetable stock included but, in the coming posts, I’ll also explain the other way.. without using the store bought stock. Vegetarian stuff though 🙂 HereRead More →