It’s been a while that I came with a recipe but today, nothing could stop me posting this delicious Indian sweet recipe. Badam Halwa is an authentic Indian sweet, perfect to make on auspicious days and a delicacy that scores high at the dinner table. Badam(Almonds), the king of nuts, is so rich by itself and when combined with whole milk, sugar and pure ghee, imagine how delicious and richer it would turn into. Do not count calories now! 😀 It’s of-course never on the daily menu but definitely deserves to be on a special menu. When it comes to sweets, I always prefer toRead More →

Mango Icecream

Summer.. the mango’s season! Missing it badly! To my surprise this year, we are finding lot of sweet mangoes here in our stores and cannot resist buying them. To all the ice cream lovers and specially mango lovers, mango ice cream is a must to taste. Very easy to prepare anytime. But this time, I haven’t used fresh mangoes as I wanted to enjoy them as is. I have a store bought can of Mango pulp which I used in this recipe. It’s nice and sweet, comes perfect for a mango ice cream. If you taste this mango pulp just like that, you’ll feel asRead More →

Banana kheer is an easy weasy dessert to make in just no time! Sudden guests or sudden craving for a dessert can call for this recipe.. I am sure! Even at those times when having no clue of what to do with the ripening bananas, this happens to be a best dish for me to make. I am really not a big fan of this fruit as such but, love to have it in other forms. Specially banana ice-cream and banana walnut bread.. banana walnut bread recipe will be coming soon here too 🙂 okie-dokie, let’s start with the recipe then.. here it is! HappyRead More →


It’s been real long time that I came up with my post at indianrecipe4u. But, when it’s a trip to India, how would I really find time?? 🙂 Okies.. back to have fun in cooking and sharing. Now, after having eaten some yummy Gulab Jamun’s made by my dearest Mom at India, I would call for this recipe now. Aww.. I am still remembering the tastes.. slurp! 😀 So, as the title says, this is an easy dessert, anytime! This is a super easy dessert recipe because there is no much prep work at all. This is such a super delicious dessert which is anRead More →

A very hearty welcome to “Indianrecipe4u” viewers!!! This is my first post on my cookery website and I have decided to make your first visit as sweet as possible with this yummy “Kobbari/Coconut Halwa” (Sweet/Dessert) recipe. The preparation time is atleast 10 mins. So fast isn’t it?!!! All you need is grated fresh coconut, sugar and as many dry fruits as you like to drop in.. 🙂 Let’s start! Ingredients:  2 cups grated Coconut, fresh or frozen 1/2 cup uncooked Rice 1/2 cup Sugar 2 tbsp Ghee/Butter 1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder Dry fruits/Nuts as you like (I took 1/2 cup of Almonds(Badam), pistachios(pista) and CashewRead More →