~Badam Halwa~

It’s been a while that I came with a recipe but today, nothing could stop me posting this delicious Indian sweet recipe. Badam Halwa is an authentic Indian sweet, perfect to make on auspicious days and a delicacy that scores high at the dinner table. Badam(Almonds), the king of nuts, is so rich by itself and when combined with whole milk, sugar and pure ghee, imagine how delicious and richer it would turn into. Do not count calories now! ­čśÇ It’s of-course never on the daily menu but definitely deserves to be on a special menu. When it comes to sweets, I always prefer to have home made ones. So that I have a chance to manage the sugar and ghee quantities.┬áThat being said, I am not a sweet lover! I enjoy a very few varieties, but, if it’s homemade, I would not mind tasting or having few bites.

I have adjusted the amount of sugar according to my taste in this recipe. But, the recipe actually says 1:1 ratio for Badam and Sugar. It’s upto you how sweet you like to have it. Here it comes! Happy Cooking!

Badam Halwa


1 cup Badam(Almonds)
1/2 cup Sugar
3/4th cup whole milk(I took 1/4th half-n-half + remaining 1% milk today)
1/4 cup pure Ghee
A pinch of Cardamom powder
A pinch of food color(I used yellow)


1. Soak Badam for 5 hours in warm water and then peel off the skin. Showing here both with and without the skin just to have an idea.

Badam Halwa
2. Grind the Badam with milk to a slightly grainy textured paste.
3. Heat a pan and add this paste to it and start stirring. After 2-3 mins, add half of the ghee and continue stirring.

Badam Halwa
4. When it starts bubbling and spluttering, add sugar and start stirring again. Be careful while stirring as it will be spluttering now.
5. Once it starts leaving the pan slightly, add rest of the ghee and keep stirring. Add the food coloring too.(mix the color in little water and then stir in that water)

Badam Halwa
6. Continue this until the mixture leaves pan nice and clean oozing out the ghee while stirring. Add cardamom powder,  mix well and collect it into a bowl.

Badam Halwa
7. Garnish with badam slices and serve warm.

Badam Halwa

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