~Banana Kheer~

Banana kheer is an easy weasy dessert to make in just no time! Sudden guests or sudden craving for a dessert can call for this recipe.. I am sure! Even at those times when having no clue of what to do with the ripening bananas, this happens to be a best dish for me to make. I am really not a big fan of this fruit as such but, love to have it in other forms. Specially banana ice-cream and banana walnut bread.. banana walnut bread recipe will be coming soon here too 🙂 okie-dokie, let’s start with the recipe then.. here it is! Happy Cooking!


2 cups Milk(1% or 2% wud be good)
1/2 cup Sweetened condensed milk
3 ripen Bananas(sliced into medium circles)
Pistachios (blanched and chopped)
1/4th tsp Vanilla essence(optional)
1/4th tsp Cardamom powder
Few strands of Saffron(optional)

Note: If you do not have condensed milk, try substituting it with sweet khoya/kowa. I haven’t tried it but I am sure it would work.


1. Heat milk in a sauce pan, until it comes to a light boil.
2. Add banana slices and on a low flame cook until soft and slightly mushy.
3. Keep stirring the mixture once a while and once banana is cooked, add the condensed milk, vanilla essence and saffron. Cook for 2 mins.
4. Just before removing from heat, add the pistachios and cardamom powder, mix well.
5. Serve it warm or cold.

Banana Kheer

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