Welcome to another delicious recipe! It’s ‘Chilli Paneer’ today. As soon as we hear the name ‘Paneer’, our mouth waters. Paneer, simply is an Indian Cottage Cheese. It’s also called Chhena. Firm yet soft, and very tasty. Sits perfect in any spicy and delicious gravy curries. It’s very easy to make fresh Paneer at home and I’ll soon add that post too. I do not have decent photographs of that recipe yet. These days Paneer is very easily available at stores so, not a big deal but, fresh is always fresh! 🙂 Not only just for the gravy curries but it’s used in several otherRead More →


Any chocolate lovers here??? I am ofcourse but, are you too??!!! Here’s Cholocate cake for you then. For all those who are looking for an eggless cake, this is a wonderful treat. This is a recipe borrowed and since it was my first shot to an eggless cake, I was so keen about the measurements. It really turned out amazingly tasty. My chocolate frosting(store bought) added more yumminess to this. This was the cake I made for my Valentine!! 🙂 Here’s it, all yours 🙂 Happy Cooking! Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups All purpose flour/Maida 3 tbsp Coco powder 1/4 cup oil 1 cup Sugar 1Read More →

methi aloo

Methi Aloo is a very popular traditional Indian dish. Methi is basically the fenugreek leaves and yes.. they taste bitter 🙂 but, no worries! Like the way we trick bittergaurd, we can follow the same with methi leaves too, to avoid the bitterness and still restore it’s flavor. It’s explained in the recipe method. The very common dish made with these leaves is Dal, in southern India. Unbeatable taste! And another good thing with Menthi kura Pappu(Dal with Fenugreek/Methi leaves) is, we need not compromise the bitterness too. We need not trick the bitterness of the leaves and don worry, the bitterness does not dominateRead More →

carrot ginger soup

I have come up with yet another yummy yummy soup today. Really wanted to give it a try when one of my friends Sudha, suggested me this. Went through few different recipes online and I liked this one from Food network. Though, there are few variations according my taste. I must really say, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the taste. For those who might think the soup will taste sweet as it’s Carrot soup, I promise, the ginger and other spices do their trick and the sweetness is very well balanced. As you all know, Carrots are highly nutritious and you can have this soup often. SpeciallyRead More →