sorakaya / bottle gourd curry

Bottle Gourd, or say Indian Squash is a wonderful vegetable which can be turned out into several tasty dishes. It’s a very good source of dietary fiber and also a good source of Vitamin C and B6.  Remember, when cooking Bottle gourd, if you are boiling the pieces separately for the curry, do it without salt so as to keep the vegetable low in sodium levels.  This way, the nutrition values of the vegetable are restored highly.  Believe or not, this vegetable is 96.1% water. So, keep it more on your diet if your much conscious about it. This recipe of Sorakaya is mixed with someRead More →

Poha Snack / Chivda

Atukula mixture / Chivda is one of the easiest snack that can be made. This is a traditional Maharastrian dish and takes no longer than 15 min. It’s a kids favorite snack as the Chivda has many fried crunchy nuts in it. Used have them a lot in good olden school going days. Mom learned it for us from our neighbor Maharastrian family who were so warm and sweet. The dish I am showing here today is with the thin poha / nylon atukulu. You can also use the regular poha / atukulu.  This can be stored in a air tight container for atleast a month. Ingredients:Read More →

Kobbari karam  is my all time favorite spice powder. Coconut mixed with garlic and other spices. You just need to have some dry coconut (Copra) pieces. And rest, you can finish in few mins. This is a yummy spice powder that goes well as Idly podi or Dosa podi. Nice replacement when you don’t have the regular Idly podi or Dosa podi. Leaving all this behind.., this Kobbari podi is perfect with hot white rice and ghee.. aww! heaven! 🙂 I have two variations of this Kobbari Podi and here is the first one. Happy cooking!   Ingredients: 2 cups chopped dried coconut. 2 tbspRead More →

Is there any such vegetable, irrespective of the way you cook it, comes out amazing and yummy? My answer would be Aloo/Potato?? Recipes of potatoes are uncountable! Here comes one of those interesting Indian recipes. Aloo cutlet was one such snack which my mom used to prepare for us in my childhood days.. 🙂 I need not actually say anything much about this dish as it’s well known to everyone 🙂 Here again, there are many many versions of preparing these patties.. I leave it to your choice about adding the vegetables accompanying the Potatoes.. if you are not willing to add up any otherRead More →

Gasala Vankaya

Vankaya .. the ‘king’ of all vegetables as known!  Vankaya is one such vegetable which is no doubt loved by all for the delicious dishes it makes.  It’s very unfair to not talk about gutti vankaya curry(one among famous andhra recipes) when it comes to the king veggie vankaya 🙂 This famous traditional Indian recipe can be shown with lots of variations though! Gutti vankaya curry in the south is like similar to bagara baingan in the north Indian food.  Plenty varieties of stuffing can go into these 4 side slitted brinjals. Unlike the well-known peanut-garlic masala or lentils-onion masala, I am bringing out aRead More →

Eggplant Parmesan

It’s been about a year and a half here in US  for me and since then,  was savoring food from various cuisines..! As it’s known, cooking is a never ending thing… something which goes out for a life time. This is one subject which needs lot of creativity and experimenting. So.., let’s grab more varieties from several cuisines for not getting bored of this subject 🙂 I happened to visit Olive Garden few months ago on our first Wedding Anniversary, which, I forgot to mention, is an Italian cuisine. Me being an Eggetarian, I usually find very very few dishes comfortable on the menu card inRead More →