Sarvapindi (Tapala chekka)

Sarvapindi (Tapala chekka)

Sarvapindi is a traditional northern Andhra Pradesh favour-ate dish. This dish is very easy to prepare and the Ingredients are listed below.. Ingredients : 4 cups rice flour 1 large onion 1 tb garlic paste + cumin powder 1 cup sesame seeds 1 bunch onion leaves/chives 1 bunch cilantro 1 tb oma peanuts Red chilli powder/green chilli paste (As desired) salt to taste



Mix rice flour, sesame seeds, oma, garlic+jeera paste, salt, red chilli powder/green chilli paste, pinch of turmeric, fried peanuts made into small pieces, curry leaves, chopped onion leaves and chopped cilantro. Boil 4 cups of water. Pour boiling water into the rice flour mixture to form a dough.

Now, take a heavy bottom WIDE pan, put some oil generously into it and spread the oil. Spread the dough about 1/4th inch thick in the pan, make random holes and put some oil in it. Also sprinkle some water and cover the lid to cook. Keep checking in between until it is cooked properly. Do not turn it to cook the other side. Crispy, yummy Sarvapindi is ready


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