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It’s been a while that I came with a recipe but today, nothing could stop me posting this delicious Indian sweet recipe. Badam Halwa is an authentic Indian sweet, perfect to make on auspicious days and a delicacy that scores high at the dinner table. Badam(Almonds), the king of nuts, is so rich by itself and when combined with whole milk, sugar and pure ghee, imagine how delicious and richer it would turn into. Do not count calories now! πŸ˜€ It’s of-course never on the daily menu but definitely deserves to be on a special menu. When it comes to sweets, I always prefer toRead More →

Mango Icecream

Summer.. the mango’s season! Missing it badly! To my surprise this year, we are finding lot of sweet mangoes here in our stores and cannot resist buying them. To all the ice cream lovers and specially mango lovers, mango ice cream is a must to taste. Very easy to prepare anytime. But this time, I haven’t used fresh mangoes as I wanted to enjoy them as is. I have a store bought can of Mango pulp which I used in this recipe. It’s nice and sweet, comes perfect for a mango ice cream. If you taste this mango pulp just like that, you’ll feel asRead More →

Banana kheer is an easy weasy dessert to make in just no time! Sudden guests or sudden craving for a dessert can call for this recipe.. I am sure! Even at those times when having no clue of what to do with the ripening bananas, this happens to be a best dish for me to make. I am really not a big fan of this fruit as such but, love to have it in other forms. Specially banana ice-cream and banana walnut bread.. banana walnut bread recipe will be coming soon here too πŸ™‚ okie-dokie, let’s start with the recipe then.. here it is! HappyRead More →


Welcome to another delicious recipe! It’s ‘Chilli Paneer’ today. As soon as we hear the name ‘Paneer’, our mouth waters. Paneer, simply is an Indian Cottage Cheese. It’s also called Chhena. Firm yet soft, and very tasty. Sits perfect in any spicy and delicious gravy curries. It’s very easy to make fresh Paneer at home and I’ll soon add that post too. I do not have decent photographs of that recipe yet. These days Paneer is very easily available at stores so, not a big deal but, fresh is always fresh! πŸ™‚ Not only just for the gravy curries but it’s used in several otherRead More →


Any chocolate lovers here??? I am ofcourse but, are you too??!!! Here’s Cholocate cake for you then. For all those who are looking for an eggless cake, this is a wonderful treat. This is a recipe borrowed and since it was my first shot to an eggless cake, I was so keen about the measurements. It really turned out amazingly tasty. My chocolate frosting(store bought) added more yumminess to this. This was the cake I made for my Valentine!! πŸ™‚ Here’s it, all yours πŸ™‚ Happy Cooking! Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups All purpose flour/Maida 3 tbsp Coco powder 1/4 cup oil 1 cup Sugar 1Read More →

methi aloo

Methi Aloo is a very popular traditional Indian dish. Methi is basically the fenugreek leaves and yes.. they taste bitter πŸ™‚ but, no worries! Like the way we trick bittergaurd, we can follow the same with methi leaves too, to avoid the bitterness and still restore it’s flavor. It’s explained in the recipe method. The very common dish made with these leaves is Dal, in southern India. Unbeatable taste! And another good thing with Menthi kura Pappu(Dal with Fenugreek/Methi leaves) is, we need not compromise the bitterness too. We need not trick the bitterness of the leaves and don worry, the bitterness does not dominateRead More →

carrot ginger soup

I have come up with yet another yummy yummy soup today. Really wanted to give it a try when one of my friends Sudha, suggested me this. Went through few different recipes online and I liked this one from Food network. Though, there are few variations according my taste. I must really say, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the taste. For those who might think the soup will taste sweet as it’s Carrot soup, I promise, the ginger and other spices do their trick and the sweetness is very well balanced. As you all know, Carrots are highly nutritious and you can have this soup often. SpeciallyRead More →


Ummm.. Yumm for me! I just love this nice.. smooth.. creamy soup. It fills my heart specially on a chill day. Last time I had it when I visited Ikea. It was reaaally yummy. A spark in my mind which said I should post this recipe soon here. Making soups is fun and healthy too. Health benefits of Broccoli is definitely known. It’s rich in Vitamins K,C,A and has a very positive impact on body’s detoxification system. It also does it’s best when consumed steamed. In soups, it has to be cooked soft but otherwise, try to consume it steamed. My coming posts include oneRead More →


I guess all my Tamilian visitors and friends know this better than me… πŸ™‚ “Kothu Parotta”. Β Isn’t the name interesting???!!Β “Kothu Parotta” literally means minced parotta(roti) and happens to be a popular street food in Tamilnadu. I have tasted this few times in my childhood not even knowing it’s name. It’s a yummy snack and for those who love egg, you’ll love it. It can be a wonderful breakfast idea too. So, if you have any chapathi left overs, this is the best way to use them πŸ™‚ Here the recipe goes.. Β Happy Cooking! Just a clear statement : I really don’t know the exact, traditionalRead More →

Tomato Dal

After a very frequent masala food or restaurant food, what would one love to eat and make the stomach feel satisfied plus happy??? Definitely Tomato Dal. This is definitely true for Andhrites(Southern Indians). Our daily food has Rice, and the best combination with warm rice is for sure any kind of Dal with ghee and some appadam(papad)/uppu mirapakayalu. Slurp! No dish can beat this combination. It’s such a pleasant, warm and satisfying meal. And it’s very simple to make. Follow the recipe and you’ll believe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients: 1 cup Kandi pappu/Tuvar Dal/Yellow Lentils 2 tomatoes medium – chopped into small pieces 1 medium sizedRead More →